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Introducing The Ultimate Pillow: Created for CPAP patients by the doctor who treats them

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Anyone serious about treating their  Obstructive Sleep Apnea already knows all about how important compliance is to the therapy's effectiveness and subsequently, their health. And yet, almost 50% of patients are noncompliant within a year. For a good number of those patients, though, noncompliance won't be a matter of apathy. It will be a matter of mask leaks.

Masks leaks aren't just one of the most commonly cited reasons for CPAP noncompliance, they're also one of the most frustrating. They can disrupt sleep, impair a machine's sensor, cause irritation and dryness in the airways, and make a lot of noise. Time and time again, researchers find that reducing mask leak is the key to compliance. Taking the time to find a mask that fits properly is vital, of course. But what can patients do when a mask fits and still leaks because it shifts during the night?

The answer is in the pillow. Conventional pillows weren't designed to accommodate a CPAP mask, and it isn't uncommon for CPAP users -- particularly those that tend toward side sleeping -- to experience the frustration of mask leaks caused this way. 

Our affiliated Medical Director Dr. Raj Kakar M.D., M.P.H., who has been treating patients with OSA for over a decade, has created a better way to sleep with a CPAP. It's called The Ultimate Pillow, and we're pleased to announce that for the first time, it's available outside of Dr. Kakar's clinic. In fact, you'll find it on our  Deal of the Month page here at Blue Mountain Sleep Shop all November long!

The Ultimate Pillow's unique shape is what makes it such an ideal pillow for CPAP users; elevated sides and a firm, low center provide ample space for a CPAP mask and reduce instances of slippage mask leaks. The ventilated memory foam used to construct The Ultimate Pillow adds the benefit of a cool, comfortable night's sleep, and the pillow's polyurethene base ensures it will hold shape over time.

A good CPAP pillow will reduce mask leaks, which helps ensure compliance -- and that means more effective therapy, a better night of sleep for both you and your bed partner, and an overall much cleaner bill of health. 

The Ultimate Pillow is definitely a great CPAP pillow, but it's more than that, too.

The same shape that facilitates better rest with a face mask is also perfect for people without OSA that tend toward switching between side and back sleeping positions at night. It can be so difficult to find a pillow that balances the support and alignment needs specific to each position. There's no shortage of pillows for side sleepers or pillows for back sleepers. It's finding one that keeps you comfortable either way that's a challenge. 

Well, challenge accepted. 

Dr. Kakar's Ultimate Pillow will be our Deal of The Month all November long, where you can save 10% if you  pick up two at once, but only for as long as our limited supply lasts. 

Go buy yours while you still can!

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